Heroic San Francisco police officer, friend and newly married husband, Bryan Tuvera, was shot in the line of duty on the night of December 22nd, 2006. Bryan succumbed to his wounds in the early morning of December 23rd. Anyone who knew Bryan in life could attest to how special he was, be it his quick wit, gift for the English language or considerable skills as a cop. I will miss him more than I can convey.
   Bryan was my academy classmate in the departmentís 205th Recruit Class and we were lucky enough to have a highly photo-documented academy experience. Iíve dug through the pictures and found as many good shots of Bryan as I could; though Bryan had a talent for avoiding the camera and frequently proved elusive. Iíve posted these pictures on this page (scroll down) in hopes that you, Bryanís friends and family, will contribute to the collection with your own photographs.
Please use this link to email them to me and Iíll do my best to post them in an expedient manner. Also, if you would like to share a story, an anecdote, a condolence, lyrics to a song you find appropriate, a poem, a quote or a memory then send it over and Iíll post it as well.
   Bryan, fair winds, my friend. Thank you for the pleasure of knowing you. Youíll not be forgotten.

I hardly knew ye.

-Dan Silver, SFPD
Written submissions from Bryan's friends, family and visitors to the site
A gallery of user submitted pictures
The Wall of Honor dedication speech given by Lt. Jason Cherniss
The Taraval Station community room dedication, submitted by Bryan's mother, Sandy Tuvera
Bryan's academy 'mugshot,' as it were.
Bryan ducking a photo, per his norm.
Bryan is in this picture, somewhere behind Matt's pale arm.
Another shot of the man among the rabble.
Bryan, apparently well hydrated.
Bryan ignoring the hilarity by singing to his baton.
Jen, Bryan Matt and I during academy patrol simulations testing.
Bryan and Brian at the range.
Search practice.
Rico, Joe, Bryan and Oleg hanging out in an odd spot during EVOC instruction.
Oleg, Bryan and Gabe at the range during lunch. No, they weren't all catered.
Bryan and Kevin- at the head of the table, standing- in the EVOC version of the previous picture.
Picture day at the academy. From left to right: Jamie, your's truly, and Bryan.
Our hero holding court at the range.
Cleaning up with newly calloused hands.
A rare sunny day at the Lake Merced range.
A mission briefing at EVOC.
The automatic weapons portion of range instruction, a.k.a- the fun part.
Matt still dwarfing Jen, Bryan and me, at simulations, despite being in the background.
Either he's doing his best Jeff Spicoli impression here... or he's asleep.
Bryan preparing to make a go at the 'jump vehicle over five burning cars' stage of EVOC instruction.
Top row from left to right: "Go Ray" Kane, (though he will deny it) it's probably Matt's sister doing him a favor by pretending to be his date, Matt, Zhang's girlfriend at the time, Mike "Good God, I'm tall for an Asian guy" Zhang, Bryan and Art "Edwards" Howard at the class banquet.
Back of the line, buddy.
Bryan being attacked by the SECOND most pale person in the class, Bobby.
We weren't allowed to use this graphic for the class because it was too 'aggressive' or whatever. Apparently, the academy staff had never seen the California flag. I digress.
Bryan and Dana in the classroom at EVOC.
This picture says more about the spirit of police work than I could ever express. Bryan isn't in it but he was there. It's 'picture day' and my fellow recruits are viewing their stars for the first time.

Ah, back through the glen I rode again and my heart with grief was sore
For I parted then with valient men whom I never shall see more
But to and fro in my dreams I go and I kneel and pray for you
For slavery fled, O glorious dead, when you fell in the foggy dew
Excerpt from "The Foggy Dew," Traditional

Special thanks to Officer Brian Rodriguez, who took most if not all of these pictures. Send more, everybody.
An account has been set up with the SF Police Credit Union.  Checks payable to the "Bryan Tuvera Trust Fund" can be mailed to the SFPOA at: 800 Bryant St. 2nd Floor  San Francisco, CA 94103 or the SF Police Credit Union 2550 Irving St. San Francisco, CA 94122
Electronic transfers can be made to the trust fund as well, account #13366523.
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