Emails, Stories, Thoughts and Prayers, Etc., for Bryan

From Sandy Tuvera:


Dearest Bryan


It has been almost 4 years since your heroic sacrifice and there is not a single day that I don't think about you....sometimes laughing as I recall a practical joke you played....often crying as I pass your wedding site every morning on the way to work......and ALWAYS with GREAT LOVE for the joy you gave us all.


I would be lying if I told you that I don't struggle each and every day....and it takes all my strength to get up and face the day, knowingI will not see you.  I know you are with me in my heart....but oh... how I wish you were here in person.


I was so very blessed to have you as my son......You brought laughter to our home and played the GREATEST practical jokes.  I know I only had you for 28 years but those 28 years were the best.....and I am so very grateful for the time I did have.


I sincerely hope that you continue to watch over us from heaven and keep us all safe.  I know you are with daddy now and that gives me some peace of mind, knowing that you are in good hands.


A sign from you now and then would be those signs bring a smile to my face as reassurance that you are always with me.


I love you honey.......


Love mom


From Sandy Tuvera:

Hi honey, it’s mom

I just wanted to say that I think of you every second of every day.  You are always on my mind and will forever remain in my heart.  You have NO idea how much I miss you.  No matter how much I think about how unfair this has been to us all that remain, I can’t help but feel that the worst injustice was to you.  For lord knows you deserved to live a full life. 

I look at Salina every day and think about all that should have been. 

I love you with my whole heart honey.  I hope you are enjoying patrolling heaven.  I guess you can say that you are the backup, watching and protecting everyone from above.  What better place to ensure that you can see and protect them all, than from the gates of heaven.

All my love…

From Mark M:

Little Daddy Vicious, it's me, Big Daddy Delicious.  Just wanted to say, "Hi" and I’m confident that you're taking care of business up there.  Stay focused, young man !!  We think about you all the time - glad you are still making a difference.  We're trying down here!!

It will never be the same............Yukio (I think Chris is his real name), you, Michael....AJ, me, T-Rev.................good times.  Lucky Penny or Bust.


From Sandy Tuvera:

My dearest son Bryan,

I cannot believe we had to celebrate your 29th birthday without you. I have never missed a single one of your birthdays. I remember the day your were born as if it were yesterday. I was so happy. Happy is not anything I will ever feel again. There's such a heavy pressure on my chest that is there every single day. It's a pressure from intense heartache and pain.

This is what we did on your birthday:

We all met at the cemetery @ 2 pm, thinking it might make it somewhat easier, but I still cried a lot (before Salina arrived). Tracee flew up to be here with us. We brought balloons to the cemetery to release in your honor. Mike Z met us there. It was nice to see him. Even Bosco was present. We released batman, marvel comics, happy birthday...and the special "I love you" balloon. Salina put a balloon under Bosco's paw. He held on to it for awhile before he stepped away to release the balloon. I know you were smiling down on us. The weather was perfect which is what we needed for the release.

You got a musical batman card which reads inside...duty calls....duty certainly called that night and we are all so heartsick as a result of it.

We all wrote a note to you on a card and attached to each balloon we released.

We wrote on the back of one of your cards attached to the balloon...."to whomever finds this balloon, please take a moment of silence to remember our hero, San Francisco Police Officer Bryan Tuvera #1941, who was killed in the line of duty on December 23, 2006. Today would have been his 29th birthday".

On the night of your birthday we went to Amici's in San Mateo, your favorite pizza place, as we know that is where you would have wanted to go. Salina even made you a cake, your favorite kind. Joining us were Salina, Andrea (Ghentyl had school and unfortunately could not make it), Sandy, Lindsey, Tracee, me, Steve, Fay, Jim, Dona, Denny, Mike, Leslie. Mike Z and Joe had to work and could not join us, but were there in spirit.

Your station had a dinner and birthday cake for you. We met there at 9 pm. They wanted to do the cake when both the swing and midnight shift were present, so as many of the officers you worked with could be present. Your partner Joe met us there. Salina brought flowers and a balloon to the station earlier in the day for you. It was hard for me to see the words "Happy Birthday Bryan" on the cake. Happy is just not a word I say anymore...and certainly is not something I feel anymore.

They hung up the rest of your awards and plaques in your community room. They did a nice job.

This is a VERY difficult week for us. I do not know how we will handle your one year wedding anniversary, which is in 6 days, without you. I still cannot believe that you and Salina only were able to share two months together as husband and wife. I don't understand how the two of you, two wonderful people who deserved a lifetime of happiness and a lifetime of fulfilling your dreams together, were forced to endure this terrible sadness and life of unfairness. I just don't get it.

I hope daddy gave you a good birthday up in heaven.

Always remember honey.....we love you and miss you more than you will ever know. I was blessed to have you as my son. I was the lucky one.

I can't wait until I see you again - to hug you and hold you and tell you how very much I love you.

All my love honey,
Love always, mom

Sandy Tuvera

A letter from SFPD dispatcher Barbara Kempster, forwarded by Bryan's mother, Sandy Tuvera:

We received the most wonderful letter in Bryan’s memory, written by a SF police dispatcher.  With this letter came a beautifully framed picture drawn by her of a boy called “supercop” in his red superman cape, who looked just like Bryan – even down to the sideburns and curly hair.  Across his chest reads SFPD and on his belt is his star #1941.  Written near the caped boy are the words, “a new member of the Justice League – SuperCop”.  In the background of the picture is Batman and Batgirl.  How absolutely appropriate for Bryan.  We love the picture (and the letter too) and will be hanging both in his room.  We will personally thank the author and artist at a later date.  We wanted to post the letter on his page for all to see and cherish as much as we have.  Bryan, I hope you realize what an impact you made on everyone you met.  You are my angel, my hero, my precious son.  I look at your pictures every single night and miss you more than you will EVER know.  I love you honey and hope that you and daddy are watching over us all, holding us up, every day of our lives.  Hope to see you soon…Love mom

Below is the most wonderful letter sent to us in Bryan’s honor.  It is dated 8/4/2007.

        I lay no false hopes as an artist, but this idea had been with me since I went to Bryan’s vigil and heard his friends speak of the love he had for the Justice League.

        I truly believe Bryan prevented the suspect from harming the elderly couple in the house and from harming his fellow officers.  Just like Superman, he put himself in harm’s way, but his body was not made of steel; however, his determination and loyalty were. 

        That night he did become a member of the Justice League and for all it stood for.  It may be only comic book adventures, but on the night of December 22, 2006, Bryan brought them all to life.  Like the Just League, he still gives us hope that the Good Guys can win!

        Bryan is now a guardian angel but I truly believe his wings become a red cape and he hovers near a fellow officer in peril.

Written by Barbara Kempster

SFPD Dispatcher and a true angel herself

Below is a letter written to the Editor of the Sunset Beacon.  It is written by a Sunset district resident:

Dear Editor:

I would like to say that the recent murder of a policeman at 25th Avenue and Lawton Street should be officially recognized.  I am a city gardener who will soon be working in District 4, where I live, for the first time in my 11 year career.  When I was at Capuchino High School in San Bruno, CA, during 1971 – 1972, I had a classmate I talked to who was of Maltese descent.  Around 30 years later, he too was murdered.  His name:  Officer Dave Chetcuti of the Millbrae Police Department.   

I didn’t know SF police officer Bryan Tuvera, but I feel the Sunset Recreation Center located at 28th Avenue and Lawton Street should be named after him in memoriam.  In addition, there ought to be a plaque telling something about his life and ultimate sacrifice along with a large color photo of him inside of the recreation center’s walls.  This will tell everybody that the Sunset cares and won’t forget this hero’s death.

G. L. Hastings

From the Webmaster:

Tonight I sobbed for you for the second time ever - something quite out of character for me - after seeing that it had been a month since anyone looked at your site. I want you to know that I love you, that I think about you daily, and that I’m still guilty that it was you and not me.

We had a five year anniversary party recently. Art led us in a toast. All of us, that small group of friends and family, fell silent for a moment after; we were all moved by his words. We all miss you so, so much. I miss you so, so much. If there are angels, I know you’re with them.

You are ever my hero. And I will never forget you.


From Sandy Tuvera:
Hi Bryan honey,

Just wanted to say “only 3 days to HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILLIE DAY”.  I called Tracee with your usual “Happy Birthday Willie” message.  Hopefully it made her laugh.  It seems like an eternity since I have heard your voice and seen your smile.  I just changed my screensaver to your picture so I can see you throughout the day while I’m working. I’m using one of the pictures Mike Zhang sent me of you in your “B Tuvera” jacket next to your police car.  I so much wish I had that jacket.  But then again, I so much MORE wish I had YOU here.   Grandpa’s been in the hospital for almost 2 weeks.  Funny story about his “accident” in bed, compliments of Mike Machado.  Poor Grandpa.  We all know you are up there laughing because of it.  There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t cry for you.  Always remember, we all love you and miss you.  You will always remain in our hearts.

Love mom

From Jackie Bautista:
I found this poem, the author is unknown, I thought of Bryan when I read it and I wanted to share.

Because You Remember Me

I know I am still with you
in your prayers, your thoughts, your heart
And though you cannot see me,
I will always be a part
of life's sweet celebrations
in those times when you reflect
on how, though things are different,
through our love, we still connect.
We'll see each other someday
when our spirits all are free,
until then, I am with you
because you remember me.

Bryan, you are unforgettable.  Love to your family and friends.

From Chris O., another friend, SFPD officer and classmate: Words cannot truly do justice to what I, and what we, are all feeling right now.  I just wanted to drop you a note and I guess tell you a story about Bryan.
   Early the same day, myself and the other '90 units' caught four juveniles 459ing (burglarizing) a house in the 'avenues.'  Bryan responded and told us that even though he did not know what had happened, he would gladly take the report for us.  That's the kind of guy Bryan was. Anyway, I'm sure that there are a million other stories like this one, and I know I have more to share, it's just too hard right now.

From Josh Wyman:  Although I did not know Bryan, I worked with his Dad, Ben, back in the 70's. If Bryan was half the stand-up guy his Dad was, then you certainly have suffered a great loss of a comrade, and great friend. Please pass along my condolences to his immediate family, and his family at Co. I.
-John Wyman #690
Co.K, Solos, Retired

From Mark M., SFPD officer:
When we worked together at Park Station, we gave Bryan the nickname "Little Daddy Vicious." I always enjoyed working with him and his great sense of humor.  I cannot express in words the feelings that all members of the department are experiencing right now.  Although some funny stories about Bryan are not appropriate for public viewing, I can post this one, which is classic Bryan Tuvera...
   Doing a 10-29 on a subject name John Wtyslckjieleihkie (or something like that).  Bryan spelled "John" phonetically to Dispatch, John-Ocean-Henry-Nora. 
   Then he told Dispatch, "Common spelling for the last name."  You will be missed Little Daddy (growl in heaven).

From Judie Pursell, retired SFPD lieutenant: I knew Bryan as a young man, a best friend to his father Ben. So proud his dad was of the wonderful son Ben had. Often after his days off, Ben would share in the many activities he and Bryan shared. Ben knew Bryan would be a police officer; he had it in his blood early on. Bryan's father was one of the greatest men I knew. Kind hearted, full of life, devoted to his family, and one of the best dispatchers the SFPD had. Everyone who I have talked with has told me what a great guy Bryan was.  There is no doubt in my mind that Bryan was a mirror image of Ben. I am so sorry I didn't get to know him as an adult.  It is tragic to lose someone who had so much potential in life to the violence that surrounds us.  To Sandy his mother, Salina his wife and the rest of his family and friends , my sincere sympathy to you all.   
-Judie Pursell, (Retired Lieutenant, SFPD)

From Vickie Stansberry, SFPD sergeant: I was his sergeant at Park Station.  And yes what a supervisors dream he was. I had often wished I had an entire shift like Bryan: smart, confident, and dedicated.  So many times I had to shoo him home after a long shift, but Bryan always had one more thing he needed to take care of.  In preparing his evaluations, I never could fully explain just how great a cop he was. There just wasn't enough space for me to write. I was heart broken to hear that someone with so much potential was taken away from us.  My condolences to Brian's wife Salina, his mother Sandy, and all of his friends and family.  Our police
family has lost one of the finest.
In memory of Bryan ,
-Sergeant Vickie Joy Stansberry

From Ken Casey, bassist and vocalist of the Dropkick Murphys: Hey Dan , this is Ken Casey from the Dropkick Murphys. Thanks for letting us know about your terrible loss. Ive checked out the site and it seems that Bryan was one hell of a guy. I would just like to pass our condolensces on to you and Bryan's family. Thanks to both you and Bryan for your courage, bravery and service. If there is anything we can do, don't hesitate to ask.

From Bill Toomey:
I knew Bryan as a kid; we went to grade school together.  I can still remember his dad driving us to science class...yes, in South City; we had to be driven to science class at another school.  My favorite story though is one my dad told me.  He said he went to a crime scene and all the Q2's (patrolmen) there were calling him "Inspector," except for this one cop that kept calling him "Mr. Toomey."  It took my dad a second and then realized it was Bryan.  They hadn't seen each other in close to 20 years, and once he got the chance, Bryan asked how I was doing.  My dad came home that night and told me he saw Bryan. I got a kick out of the fact that he was a cop and still remembered who the heck I was.  It wasn't long after that I got into the department.  Who would have thought that two South City kids being driven to science class would end up in the same place?  I would have liked to work with him... I can only imagine the stories we could have shared. 
"...and until we meet again, my God hold you in the palm of His hand."
-Bill Toomey

From Angela Wilkin: What can I say about Bryan... I've known him since kindergarten. I have pictures of him from elementary school, but he would probably be mad at me if anyone seen those. LOL...He was one of my best buds from K thru 3rd grade. He went to Martin school from then, but everyone came back together in Jr. High and High School. Of course as you get older you lose touch and those friendships tend to diminish... but I will always remember Bryan as the Scooby-Doo lover. Show and tell, he'd bring something in with Scooby-Doo. We used to say "what's up?" to each other thru jr. high and high school...just old friends. I'm really sad his new life with his wife, and he's gone...his life cut short, senselessly...he was such a nice guy...quiet, too. I wish he would've come to our 10 year high school reunion this past October, so I could've seen him one more time.  My heart dropped when I saw his picture on the Channel 7 website. My heart goes out to his mom, Sandy and his sister Tracee. And especially to his wife; I'm so sorry he was taken from you so early. He was a really good guy. My prayers are with him, he is truly one of my heroes.

The SF Bay Area Cops Forum has a link to this site and a post about Bryan in their "California's Fallen Heroes" section.

From Matt Goodin, SFPD officer:
I remember Bryan when he came through EVOC and Southern Station...he will be sorely missed and never forgotten!  
-Matt Goodin #2125
Southern Station

From Pat Dragan:
My heart just cracked open when I saw Bryan's photo on television Christmas Day. I am so very sad for his wife Salina, his mother Sandy, and sister Tracee, and so very sorry his life was cut short in such a senseless way. I was his first grade teacher, and his second grade teacher as well; I had him in class with Bill Toomey, Angela Wilkin and some other great
kids--(including Tracee a year later).
   My sister said, "What is there about this student that caused you to remember him so well, and so fondly out of the thousands you've taught?" I tried to describe Bryan for her - the crooked grin and quick wit, his kindness and gentleness, his quiet intelligence, and the considered way he had of always thinking things through until they made sense to him. I admired him as a six year old. And I admire him for the way he lived his life.
-Pat Barrett Dragan, first grade teacher at Martin Elementary
School, South San Francisco; formerly at Hillside Elemenary School when I taught Bryan.

From an unknown friend:
I knew Bryan from grade school thru high school... he was a quiet person but he was super nice. I still remember Mr. Tuvera driving us to this crazy science class every Friday. Yeah, we would actually leave our school to go to another... we were such geeks! I actually just learned that Bryan was a police officer a couple of months ago & remember being surprised. Now I'm in shock at the news of his death. My prayers are with Bryan, his wife, family & his SFPD family. I am so sorry for your loss... you have lost two great men in your lives. I'm sure Bryan & his father are together smiling down upon all those mourning him. I'm so sorry he was taken so early in life. After hearing of Bryan's death this old Native American poem came to mind...

"I give you this one thought to keep -
I am with you still -  I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints on snow,
I am the sunlight on ripened grain,
I am the gentle autumn rain.

When you awaken in the morning's hush,
I am the swift, uplifting rush
of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not think of me as gone - 
I am with you still -  in each new dawn"

From Andrea St. Clair: The last time I saw Bryan was many years ago.  I used to dance with his sister, Tracee, and would see him routinely at the dance school.  His mom, Sandy, would bring Bryan and he would sit and do his homework while both waited for Tracee to come out of class.  The entire Tuvera family was always kind-hearted, warm and genuine. 
  My thoughts and prayers go out to Sandy, Tracee and the entire family.  To his new wife: I wish you complete strength. I know what a difficult time this must be for you; find comfort in the fact that you are surrounded by a good family! Strangers across miles are praying for you during this time.  Bryan will always be remembered!!
Thank you,
-Andrea St. Clair

From Joe Nezwek:
I have the pleasure of working with Bryan's mom and she is an angel on Earth. Given her inner spirit and genuine kindness, it is no wonder what a great son she raised in Bryan. She blessed all of us with him and he lived his life with her value system and love of life. Thank you Sandy for providing the world with a true hero that gave his life for others. He will watch over Salina and you and guide you both through life moving forward. 

From Joan Schwarz:
Although I didn't know Bryan, I am the proud mom and mom-in-law of San Francisco Police Officers. As all of the officers are brothers and sisters, we, too, are all family. I see that Bryan was a fine officer and a very special friend. He will always be in my heart and in my prayers...with Isaac...

From Rochelle Levy: Today I watched a funeral of someone I have known for over 20 years. I grew up with Bryan from grade school to high school.  His family lived right around the corner from me for years.  I remember everyone in class wanted to sit next to Bryan because he knew everything! He was so smart, reserved, laid back and calm.  He loved being a cop and I was so happy that he finally got to be one.  He wanted to help people and be there for them. He is truly a superhero and will be missed forever.
-Rochelle Levy

From Debbie Wydler: I am crushed by the death of Bryan; I am the daughter in  law of a retired, deceased, SF police officer.
I also witnessed the death of Officer Checuti several years ago. My heart goes out to each and every one of you who protect and serve. Thank you for doing your job.
Stay Safe,
-Debbie Wydler

Also from Debbie Wydler:
Bryan, you were in kindergarten when I first met you. I knew then that you were an exceptional person, very warm, smart and happy. You were such a good friend to Doug, the two of you spent endless hours running and playing with Star Wars toys it was sad when you both had school changes and lost touch. I was happy to run into your family from time to time and get updates on how you were doing, these updates always led me to believe that someday I would read about you doing something spectacular.  I have read and listened to some of the people honoring you and am not at all surprised at what they say! I am in awe that now I see your name in the headlines with such people as, former President Ford, James Brown, Michael Jordon, and Saddam Hussein, all of these people have left some sort of mark on our world never to be forgotten and you join them leaving your mark that will never be forgotten.
With much love and respect,
-Debbie Wydler

From Dana Terry, fellow officer at Taraval Station and classmate to Bryan and me: 

   You are a hero to all of us who have had the privilege of working by your side, and your sacrifice will never be forgotten. I am honored to have known you Bryan, and I am so very proud of you and to have been your friend. Our hearts are broken and we will sorely miss the pleasure of your friendship, camaraderie, and resounding of sense of humor that made the day to day life on patrol a little more bearable.
   The history book of San Francisco has been opened, and your name has been added in gold letters to its pages. I will miss you, Bryan. You and your family will forever be in my thoughts and prayers.
   This poem reminded me of Bryan :
"The Boy" By Michelle Lea

Mom and her son strolling down the street,
Passed a policeman walking his beat,
Mom says to her son, "See that man?
When you need help, he'll do all he can.

"He'll protect you when things get too tough,
He'll save you when people get too rough.
He'll stop you from doing something bad,
He'll comfort you if you are alone and sad."

The young officer turned with a smile,
He said, "That's the best thing I've heard in awhile.
It's nice to know you feel that way,
Because we sure don't hear it everyday."

The boy passed the officer all the time before school,
He began to think being a cop would be cool.
"If I could wear that badge and have a gun,
Shooting up bad guys could be tons of fun."

Then one day the boy thought and found,
for days had not seen his friend around.
His mom said "I've got bad news for you
Because there is something sad we must go do."

The boy wore a nice shirt and had his shoes tied,
While his mom told him his friend the officer had died.
He left his friends, his family, his wife,
All just to protect his way of life.

The boy has now grown into a man,
And he is protecting us in the only way he can.
He passes a mom and young boy on the street,
While he is out walking his beat.

The little boy looked at the new officer in awe,
Like he was the neatest thing that he ever saw.
The young cop crouched down with a smile,
And said to the mom, "That's the best thing I've seen in awhile."

From Brian Rodriguez, another SFPD officer and classmate: Wow. I still can't believe it - what a terrible loss we have all suffered in losing Bryan.  I cringed when I heard the 406 "on the all." (Officer needs emergency help - broadcast to the entire SFPD all across the city.)   I was sickened when I heard it might be Bryan...and the grief we all felt at the hospital was awful.  God Bless you Bryan.   I was part of Bryan's SFPD academy class (I was the other Brian) and got to know him day in and day out...he was a genuinely nice guy.  I vividly remember his quirky smile and expressions. Unfortunately, I hadn't had a chance to work with Bryan on the street.  In fact, I rarely saw Bryan once we got out of the academy, but it sure makes me appreciate the little moments when I saw him here and there.  Bryan is sorely missed at Southern Station, where he did his field training.  I'll miss him too.  Bryan will not be forgotten!   May he be spending quality time with his father in comic book heaven.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Salina, Sandy, Tracee, as well as the entire family (including Bosco.)
-Brian Rodriguez # 4075
Southern Station

From Tracy McCray, SFPD sergeant:
When KC called to tell me the tragic news, I was devastated.  Watching it on the news was surreal.  My heartfelt condolences go out to his family.  I just wanted to share a few memories that I have of Bryan.  As a newly promoted sergeant, I was sent to Taraval Station for that one year probation.  I got to meet many wonderful people there and one of them of course was Bryan.  Three things that come to my mind about him were that usually at 0115 hours I would walk in the report writing room and see him typing a report.  If this was a night that I was the Acting/PC, I couldn't wait to read what he had written.  He could make the most mundane cold 459 report into one that would have me in stitches!  I also knew that I would not have to ask him to correct anything, which is a new sergeant's dream!  Secondly, when he had to have the surgery for his sinus problem.  He would be at the front desk, held captive by that box of Kleenex, just itching to get back out on the street.  He would have a few of those comic books on the desk, probably imaging the crime fighting he should be out doing.  Lastly, I remember seeing Bryan, Joe, Crista, Ron and others at 9th and Judah for their 7M.  I could see them laughing and having a grand time of it.  They were young and happy, leaving the world that we deal with each day for 10 hours or more, just for a little while.  They would swap stories about each other, just like a family at dinnertime.  This is how I will remember Bryan, among his co-workers,
-Sgt. Tracy McCray

From Herb Weiner:
The losses of policemen like Bryan are tragic and a loss to our city.   Hopefully, my attached poem does him justice;

"Bryan Tuvera"

I could not be at
St. Mary’s Cathedral
last Friday to my
regret And I see

that we are kindred
souls  We enjoyed the
same comic books
and in my opinion

the right ones Not all
comic books stand for
justice and the
triumph of good

over evil 
Superman and
the Justice League
And I have the

comics in my home!
So many of the
comics are without
morals and right and

wrong  You read the right
ones and lived them I
do believe that those you
chased down read the wrong

ones or even could
have written them And
unfortunately you
died at their hands. For

me you are a
kindred soul linked
by comic books that
stand for the best of

America  You
died too soon and are
But one day I hope

that you and I can
share our comics
together  I
know that you have been

welcomed in the
beyond by heroes
Thank you for living
right from wrong

From John Patane:
Bryan, we are all so proud of you.  I miss you SO much.  It will never be the same without you.  I know you are reading this right now from heaven and I just want to say that I’m sorry for not calling you EVERY SINGLE DAY while you were here.  Thanks again for choosing me to be in your wedding, just two short months ago.  I will never forget you.  Watch after the whole family and tell Uncle Ben I said hi….
-Jon Patane

From Steven Leonard: I can’t believe we placed you with your dad today.  I have been there so many times throughout the past 12 years, but today was the hardest by far.  I know you are in good hands, but I can’t help but think that you were taken from us way to soon. The gatherings are not the same without your wit and pranks.  We’re all trying to cope, but your absence is too great to ignore. I will keep an eye on your family, you keep an eye on your dad. We are all missing you.  We are all so very proud of you.
-Steven Leonard

From MZ:
Brother Bryan,
You will always be in my heart.  I LOVE YOU BROTHER.  I’ll see you up in heaven one day.  Don’t worry about a thing.  Your family will be taken care of.  I wish I was able to “Zhang” everything for you that night, but God had bigger things in mind.  I could not have asked for a better friend and brother than you.  I’ll never find a better range and PT partner.  YOU’RE IN GOOD HANDS NOW.  RIP Bryan.
-M Z
SFPD, close friend

From Officer D. Rodriguez, SFPD:

Rest in peace, brother.  God bless you, your family and your wife Salina.  I still remember how you used to joke around in the academy, like it was yesterday and how you could “STUFF” yourself into the tiny lockers when we had to practice searches.  A real contortionist!  You were quiet at times.  Taraval had a surprise when you arrived.  We’ll miss you.  The 205th recruit class & the SFPD.  Love you brother.
-Officer D Rodriguez #156
SFPD/classmate 205th recruit class

From an SFPD dispatcher: 

Bryan, Salina and Tuvera family,
You brought a smile to our faces with your personality on the radio….you and Joe were my fearless duo…like Batman and Robin…….some of us knew your father when he was one of our dispatchers…heard Ben was a great man….I unfortunately never got the opportunity to meet him…just the stories of how he used to bring you into the communication center and how tiny you were….I was fortunate to know you…a great man….one that was kind....hard-working….always took a run and never complained…and ALWAYS said thank you to dispatch….you showed great professionalism at all times and that will not go unmissed…our dispatch family sends our condolences to your mom, sister, Salina and the Labutan family…We will miss you.  You sacrificed your life so that others may live….rest in peace Bryan
City and County of SF

From Monica Moreno:
My name is Monica, my husband is Officer Mark Moreno stationed at Park with Salina.
I just wanted to offer my sincere compassion for the events that have occurred. Mark had told several stories of them to together with the officers while stationed together on the same watch. Sometimes I wanted to hear them..sometimes i didn't. But I always listen because this is the only career I have every seen my husband sincerely embrace. At times I feel his choosen career is cruel, unfair and unappreciated. At other times their are feel good stories were I sincerely feel they have made a difference.
Your written appreciation should be commended.
God bless and speed to you all,
-Monica Moreno

From Officer Mike Zhang, SFPD:
Hey Bryan. I have so many stories to tell you about work and my
personal life. Guess what. I was able to "ZHANG" Salina's phone line.
I guess I still have it, somewhat. It's not the same without you here.
I still haven't found a person to call when I have a smart ass remark
to say. I guess I'll just have to save all of them till I visit you.
Maybe I'll bring Kat next time, the girl that I been telling you

Thanks for looking out for us all down here. Love You Brother. Miss
you everyday. I'll try my best to take care of thing down here.

One more thing, PT test next month. You think you can ask the Big Guy
to make it rain that day, so maybe I don't have to do the run? You
know me and the run. It'll be my worst, since you're not there with me
this time.

Keep them coming,